Brockley Big Lunches 2013

The deadline to apply to host a Big Lunch party on your street is May 10th. Brockley normally manages at least half a dozen street parties and Lewisham Council is encouraging more entries. They say:

There’s another national Big Lunch this year on Sunday 2 June. Anyone wanting to make an application this year, needs to have done it by 10 May. Would be great to have some Brockley Big Lunches. More details here


question said...

Can we go to one of these if it's not our exact street?

B said...

I'd love the same question as below answered.

I'd try to organise one on my own street but living on Shardeloes Road, closing it wouldn't really be feasible.

roger said...

In previous years I've gone to another close to where we live, last year we organised one in our street - Otford Crescent and are doing it again this year. So far have leafleted all the houses and have signed OK's from over half of them (34 addresses). Lewisham only want to know that you have told everyone about it. I can't speak for the rest of the street bu if someone turned up with food and drink and a smile then I can't see why people can't join in... even better if people can play instruments etc. We arranged it that everyone brought their own chairs and tables, we put up most of the bunting the night before and also met to see what people were cooking - everyone cooked something and we all shared. BBQ's were in peoples front gardens which gets over main safety risk issues.

Although I would think main roads can't be closed why not ask? Why shouldn't roads be for local people rather than those who just pass through. They can close roads for road works and create diversions so why not a street party? We really need to look at what roads are for and who they are for. In Berlin they close their motorway ring road to motorised traffic - picnics, cycling , roller skating etc. Many large cities close whole areas every Sunday for walking/cycling etc. We need to look to doing this. Moving off topic.....

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