The Deptford Food Court

The Greenwich Co-Operative Development Agency is launching a new street food court in Deptford on May 18th as an accompaniment to the regular market. It sounds sufficiently different to other local options, including Brockley Market, to be a genuinely interesting new local option.


anon said...

Hmmm how is it that different to the brockley market food court section? It runs the same hours too and is pretty close.

Brockley Nick said...

Well the food selection looks different. Agreed, it's not a world away though. But then, competition is nothing new for BM - Borough's really easy to get to, Forest Hill's launched its own thing, Greenwich still offers a fair amount, there are farmers markets in Hilly Fields, Telegraph Hill, Blackheath and East Dulwich, etc. It's what people want.

anon said...

Have any of the really successful market stalls in Brockley Market considered opening up permanently on the high street? There seems to be a few places for rent (especially around the Brockley Cross area) ... I wonder if any of them would consider making a more permanent move ... or if the landlord would be flexible and allow temporary "popup" stores in the rentals for the time being until it's permanently leased?

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