Gaggle Cave at the Royal Albert

Sarah writes:

I'm part of the band/all female alternative choir Gaggle and, 30th May - 21st June, we are launching a pop-up concept shop/project space/hang out in the Royal Albert pub's new gallery project space InSitu which is next to the pub on New Cross Cross Road.

We're calling it the GAGGLE CAVE and we will be putting on talks, performances and artists in residence along with selling products and holding dozens of workshops that we hope will empower and enthuse people - from 'Sound Engineering for Girls' to 'Feminist Choirs for Boys'. We'll also be teaching other skills from drumming to welding! The aim is to be as affordable and accessible as possible and we hope it's going to be an exciting few weeks. We really want lots of people who live in the area to sign up to take part.

You can find out most info here: if you click on workshops. The Opening hours are Mon – Fri: Midday - 8pm and Sat & Sun: Midday to 11pm.