Jubilee Tree for Hilly Fields

George: It never ends, this present stuff! Engagement present! Then they get married, you gonna have to get them something for that! Then the baby, there's another present. Then the baby starts getting their presents. I don't even like Drake.
- Seinfeld

Time for another Jubilee bauble. BrocSoc writes:

22 May - gather from 12.45pm at the cafe on Hilly Fields, where we will be planting the Jubilee Tree donated by the Tree Council at Hilly Fields. Meet at the café from 12.45pm.

Students from Prendergast school will come out at 1.15pm for the ceremony.  Several people from the Brockley 50+ Club, which meets at Brockley Social Club, will share some memories of the Coronation with us and then they and the students  will plant the tree.

This is a prestigious occasion for Brockley as there will be only 60 trees throughout the country to commemorate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. A digital record of all 60 plantings will be presented to Her Majesty in June. The tree itself will have a smart plaque which will be readable from smartphones.

Please do join us -- Brockley Society tree officers, Friends of Hilly Fields, Seniors, and Prendergast School students -- for this special occasion.