The BC Universe: Crisis on Earth-Prime

Our Twitter followers passed 5,000 yesterday, so it's time for another update on the BC Universe:

Cumulative daily reach across all channels is just over 12,000, with our Brockley Central and South East Central Twitter feeds accounting for 58% of that. Brockley Central traffic jumped by about 20% in the New Year, but the conversation now splits three ways, with increasing numbers choosing to comment on stories on Twitter and Facebook, as well as on the site. 

Based on our Facebook followers, the age profile of the BC community has broadened a little, with a slight uplift in both younger (18-24) and older (45-64) members of both genders. Women continue to be the dominant BC sex:
South East Central continues to experience comparatively modest growth, but, encouragingly, it's taken on a real life on its own, with over 14,000 messages now posted and a significant community of Twitter followers.