Vegetable matter

Robin writes:

I was in Russell Square station today and noticed this striking TFL poster...

We've had a look for this project on the Volunteer Team website, but it seems no, you couldn't plant vegetables on Brockley Road: Either it's a hypoethetical example or it's extremely well hidden by their search engine. This is a good initiative, but it's a shame if someone inspired to volunteer locally can't work out how to do what's being advertised. There are, however, opportunities to volunteer with food charity FareShare, The Scouts or Brockley's Montage Theatre Arts.

If TfL and the Mayor of London are keen on vegetable growing on Brockley Road then there is a little corner of Brockley Road that could easily be turned in to a vegetable patch and flower garden. The disused entrance to the upper level of Brockley Station is currently fenced off and a little overgrown. Handing that spot over to the community and allowing people to install planters could created a nice little green space in place of one of Brockley’s ugliest spots.