Grow Wild 2: Grow Wilder

Armageddon vs Deep Impact. Dante's Peak vs Volcano. White House Down vs Olympus Has Fallen. Grow Wild New Cross vs Grow Wild UK.

Two gardening groups with the same name have very similar ideas about using flowers to green urban spaces, but very different levels of resources.

Grow Wild UK is offering to fund wild flower gardening projects of up to £100,000 (and more with fund matching). They say:

Grow Wild is an exciting four-year campaign to bring people together to sow UK native wild flowers.

We believe that we can transform where we live – bringing colour and surprise to our streets. By Growing Wild, we can turn our gardens and windowsills into wildlife-friendly wild flower patches.

Grow Wild is funded by the Big Lottery Fund and led by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew – and everyone is invited to join in.

You have until June 9th to apply for funding. Thanks to Isabella for the tip-off.

Meanwhile, Grow Wild New Cross is leading a relatively lo-fi project to flower bomb New Cross with 1,000 sunflowers. Their plans reach the critical point in June and they are asking for more volunteers. We've posted full details of their plans on the New Cross forum.