Unmarked police car smash on Wickham Road

Last night, a car travelling along Wickham Road crashed in to another car turning from Geoffrey Road, causing two people to be taken to hospital and the road to be temporarily closed last night. Wickham Road suffers from boy racers, who make that mini-roundabout particularly hairy. On this occasion, one of the cars was being driven by the police.

ThisislocalLondon reports:

Two ambulances and a single responder were called out to the crash at 7.49am last night (May 8) at the junction with Wickham Road and Geoffrey Road.

A 25-year-old female member of the public who was driving the car needed to be cut out of her vehicle by the Fire Brigade and was treated for hip and back pain by paramedics. The police officer, believed to be aged 47, was treated for neck and back pain.

Lewisham police said their vehicle had been on routine patrol at the time of the accident.