Raise a tennis packet for Hilly Fields

Patrick Bishop writes:

I’m a Hilly fields local, and work for JustGiving, who you have probably heard of – we’re an online fundraising platform.

I’m also a keen tennis player and regularly use the great free courts that we have on Hilly Fields.  Anyone who plays on them, but if so, you’ll know that whilst the courts are great, the nets themselves are terrible and are completely broken and holey:

Unfortunately, the council haven’t got round to replacing the nets in years, so I’m looking to see whether as a community we can raise just over £200 to buy and install three new tennis nets!!  I’ve just set up a project page on JustGiving to do this and I’d be very grateful for any help.


It’s worth saying that JustGiving Projects is a new tool that we’re launching  to help people raise money for local community projects that they really care about (rather than just charities, which is our bread and butter).  Given that the tennis court nets were something that I really wanted to get fixed myself, I thought I would set up a page myself and give it a go.

It’s worth pointing out that people just pledge to support a project, so unless the project gets fully funded, then you don’t donate anything!