RumBQ and Street Party

Sanjit writes:

If you're on or around Telegraph Hill this weekend, then do come along to Telegraph Hill Lower Park and celebrate in the warm and sunny weather we're promised for Sunday.   In the spirit of loving London - and our little part of it especially - there will be a family friendly event with drinks, food, bands, DJs and a soundsystem to cheer the Bank Holiday along.   The event starts at 1pm and ends at 5pm.

If you're on Facebook you can get more details here.

This event was originally due to have taken place durring Telegraph Hill Festival.   Regrettably, due to bad weather the event was postponed so takes place this Sunday.

The event has been licenced by Lewisham Council and takes place under the aegis of Telegraph Hill Festival.   It is a family friendly event - all are welcome - please come along.