Five reasons to visit Brockley

Honorary BCer Andrea Mann was asked to plug Brockley on LateRooms. Here are her five reasons to visit:

1. Hilly Fields "the park’s stone circle was erected by druids. And by ‘druids’, I do of course mean: members of a local civic group."

2. The coffee shops "Love New York’s Greenwich Village coffee shop vibe? You’ll find fine independent cafés like Brockley Mess (which doubles as an art gallery), hip hangout Brown’s Of Brockley and Broca, whose 1980s’ movie-themed sandwich menu includes ‘Tuna Wolf’ and ‘Earth Girls Are Brie-zy’."

3. The bars and restaurants "Brockley has a small but perfectly formed number of eateries serving food that people would rave about – and pay far more for – were they in central London."

4. The venues "The Rivoli Ballroom, Brockley Jack Theatre and Hill Station.  Remember the age of glamour and fabulous fashion? And before the Eighties, remember the Fifties? They do at the Rivoli..."

5. Brockley food market "Whether you’re after cakes, coffee, charcuterie or Christmas trees (warning: the latter’s seasonal), it’s a wonderful place to mooch, munch and soak up the lovely local Brockley vibe."

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