Brockley Beaver shortage reaches crisis point

Last year, BC mentioned the Crofton Park Beavers' leader recruitment drive as the group was running at full capacity. We're sad to report that the situation has now reached a "critical point". Adam explains:

Our Beaver colony is currently at a critical point. As things stand, we do not have a uniformed Beaver Leader in our group. We are currently just getting by with the assistance of district leaders, however these leaders are tied to other projects and will not be around in the very near future. We need more volunteers to become leaders at 3rd Crofton Park, and we need them fast.

We urgently require a leadership team to run our Beaver Colony. This can be a team of two who can commit every week or it can be a team of five, six, seven who rotate depending on availability. Without new  volunteers, we will have to close the Beavers colony in the near future.

If you are interested, or know someone who is interested, please come get in touch, via email ( or give me a call on 07543 596260