Brockley Sainsbury's delayed

The new Sainsbury's Local on Mantle Road, which was originally due to have opened by now, will not open until the summer.

A BCer with some inside knowledge of the project who asked not to be named says: "The store opening date has been pushed back to a likely date in July as a result of building work delays."


We were promised jet packs said...

I've yet to see a builder go in or out of there, and with the lack of a 'Sainbury's coming soon sign', I assumed there was a problem with this. Surely Sainsbury's have a crack team of builders at their disposal? Really missing the ability to get booze after 10pm on the way home. Also looks like the new owners are trying to make a fast buck by selling the block off after putting more flats in and getting a high profile tennent.

Honest Fairy said...

More flats and a decent clean supermarket.

The owners deserve a medal.

It's Started said...

Work on this has begun with renewed vigour. Guys with Sainsbury's branded High vis vests have been working in here all week.

terrencetrentderby said...

Good news for the honest Brockley consumer.
That and the Co-op down the road us westsiders have never had it so good.

Gill said...

Yes - the supermarket convenience stores have a really 'honest' pricing policy don't they?

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