Unmarked police car smash on Wickham Road

Last night, a car travelling along Wickham Road crashed in to another car turning from Geoffrey Road, causing two people to be taken to hospital and the road to be temporarily closed last night. Wickham Road suffers from boy racers, who make that mini-roundabout particularly hairy. On this occasion, one of the cars was being driven by the police.

ThisislocalLondon reports:

Two ambulances and a single responder were called out to the crash at 7.49am last night (May 8) at the junction with Wickham Road and Geoffrey Road.

A 25-year-old female member of the public who was driving the car needed to be cut out of her vehicle by the Fire Brigade and was treated for hip and back pain by paramedics. The police officer, believed to be aged 47, was treated for neck and back pain.

Lewisham police said their vehicle had been on routine patrol at the time of the accident.


Anon said...

Which one of these was the 'boy racer'; the 25 year-old female, or the 47 year old police officer?

I hope they all make a speedy recovery.

But why the need to refer to 'boy racers' regarding this incident? Do you have figures on the gender and age of speeding motorists on this road or is it just safe to assume that incidents like this one almost certainly involve a young male driver?

Headhunter said...

Oh puleeeez why the knee jerk liberal, politically correct reaction... It's SE London, of course there are boy racers...

Anon said...

When you say unmarked, do meam it didn't have a scratch on it till last night?

Mini-roundabout madness said...

That mini roundabout is the scene of frequent accidents. There have been many over the years. People just don't seem to know how mini-roundabouts work or simply drive through them without reducing speed when they should stop and give way. Straight bits of road are very tempting for drivers in a hurry to put their foot down. The police don't exactly set a good example.

They should all have some sort of traffic calming. Sadly it seems there has to be a significant body count for anything like that to happen around here.

FL203 said...

I remember the bad old days. Thanks to the extensive traffic calming that's already throughout the conservation area and beyond - 20mph zones/sleeping policemen - speeding traffic is nowhere near as bad as it used to be. Granted not many are sticking to 20 - but it's much better than the 40-50 mph that you used to witness.

I used to live on Wickham Road which used to be like a motorway - crossing was nightmare - and I remember one sad pedestrian fatality outside my house (Nigel Reader RIP).

Headhunter said...

Yes I'm always incredibly cautious pulling out of Geoffrey Rd on my bike turning right into Wickham, many times I've almost been mown down by some driver on my left who is supposed to give way but simply carries on through at high speed regardless... The roundabout at the bottom of Vesta Road is similar, cars often blast straight through when you're trying to turn right to head up Vesta Rd. I sometimes wonder if it's drivers from overseas living in London who don't see roundabouts at home and simply don't know how to behave or perhaps it's just a blatant disregard of safety in an effort to gain a couple of seconds on the journey

Headhunter said...

Now that the council has reduced several of the speed bumps at the Lewisham Way end of Wickham Rd, I wouldn't be suprised if we see higher speeds again. 20mph limits are an utter joke, no one obeys them, as I cycle up and down roads like Jerningham I see the illuminated "20mph limit" displays come on for every single car as they pass through

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