Brockley MAX 2010: Final Weekend

Here is the world's most intrictate running order for this weekend's Brockley MAX festivities, courtesy of Moonbow John:

Friday - Outside by the Stone Circle, Hilly Fields Park

Bar from 7.30pm

8.00 - 8.40 Etta Ermini Dance Theatre
8.40 - 9.15 DJ Joe
9.20 - 10.20 Local Film Makers Short Films (approximate)
10.20 - 11.30 Local VJ Thabo Zijlstra on visuals with DJ Tweed mixing the sound

Event ends 11.45pm Please leave quietly along Eastern Road

Saturday - Outside by the Stone Circle, Hilly Fields Park

Children's Day and The Marquee of Moonbow Bar and Stage

Yoga For Children 12.30
Food Demo 2.30
Drums From Around The World 2-4
Painting Wood 12-4
Capoeira: 2.30 Workshop 15.35 performance
Make Your Own Badge With Recycled Materials 12-4
Face Painting 12-4

Hilly Fields Playground

Storytelling 12.30
Craft Workshop 1pm
Official Playground Opening 2pm
Innerscent Art 2-4pm
Who Are You? Make Your Own Id Card 12-4pm
Art In Nature 12-3pm


Montage Theatre Company 12pm
Haydn Meddick 1930s afternoon dj 1pm
Zumba 1.15pm
Mayor Bullock Opens Playground 2pm
Billy Jenkins 2:10pm
Board Games 2:45pm

Afternoon of Pervasive Gaming 3pm
Billy Jenkins Ends with Fire Hazard 3pm
Tai Chi 3:15pm
Capoeira with Luiz 3:30pm
Sarah Gillespie 4:00pm
Samba 5:05pm
Rosie Wilby evening host 5:45pm


Blackberry Wood 5.55pm
DJ Nova Evening Music 6:30pm
Ellie Rose 6.45pm
Richard Swann 7.00pm
Deco Dance Wickerman 7.38pm
Carl White 7.55pm
Moira and speeches 8.20pm
Bad Habits 8.33pm
Deco Dance Wickerman 9.07pm
DreZone 9.15pm
Deco Dance Wickerman 10.07pm
Letz Zep 10.20pm
Bar Closed 11.30pm


MrSunshine said...

Looks like its going to be fantastic weather, Wahoo.

Anonymous said...

Loved Sarah Gillespie. Will be getting her album.

Now Then said...

Letz zep were a great page/plant. The set even took on a 'big festival' appearance, with a prone body or two on the ground.

Happy St. Norberts day everyone.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Sarah Gillespie was great. Funniest 2010 Brockley Max moment for me was when Deco Dance were doing their homage to the Wicker Man thingy, and all the kids joined in. Not sure whether they expected that or not, but they took it in their stride!

Brockley Jon said...

DreZone were great! Nice Daft Punk vocoder action and the drum solo at the end was about the best drumming I'd ever seen I reckon!

Bit gutted I missed the Wicker Man thingy, that would have been one of those great surreal Max moments.

Saw you leaving Sue, was that a Brompton you were perched on? Suits you.

Monkeyboy said...

The tree hugging dancers surrounded by frolicking kids was fun but the cackling Amy Winehouse looky likey added an additional layer to the crazyness. It was a great event, really professionaly put together by moira and the team. The bogs coped.... Just

Anonymous said...

@Brockley Jon: yep, that was me. Had a headache and missed the final acts - shame, sounds like they were good.

@Monkey Boy: with Brockley Max you can get the mini Glasto stone circle experience, but safe in the knowledge that cleanish toilets and your own bed are never too far away. The toilets on Hilly Fields barely cope on a normal day, let alone when Brockley Max is on. They are well overdue a bit of a spruce up - maybe at the same time as putting a cafe next door.

Anonymous said...

Massive thanks to Moira and all the other volunteers, it was a fantastic day. Highlight, homage to wicker man and accompanying children. Truly surreal.

Tamsin said...

Damn, thinking of coming along around nine - the earliests I could be free - as it was such a lovely evening. Should have looked here rather than the Brockley Max website where unless I misread things it seemed the Hilly Fields action stopped late afternoon and everything later was in the Jam Circus.

Never mind, try again next year.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, don't know where you were looking Tamsin but the Brockley Max programme does state that the Hacienda on the Hill goes on till 11.50pm! Bad luck...

Tamsin said...

Yes, I've re-visted it and see that things were set to close at midnight. Blinked and missed that bit and was distracted by the Jam Circus being listed as the lastest evemt.

Anonymous said...

Damn the Jam Circus.

Anonymous said...

They weren't relying on the park loos, Sue, they had a Portaloo - and when we arrived at 9.30 on Saturday night I counted 19 people in the queue. Hope none of the people towards the back were desperate!

Mb said...

The park loos were surprisingly quiet, the portaloo people didn't realise they were there. I kept as my little secret.... Mmmm flushing bogs....

TheSapling said...

What about all those tree's up there.

John Moonbow said...

I wish thank everyone who came down this weekend to Hilly Fields and the great compliments I, and all those who worked on the site, had heaped on us over the weekend, and here on BC. The bar area was like a nostalgic Moonbow Jakes reunion!

I hope, as always, Nick allows me the opportunity to write a full thank you to all involved a little later today.

Hilly Fields is an enormously complex logistical operation that has basically no funding. This event happens because of a huge network of people, whose names you never hear (around 40 crew on site and about the same again who helped in advance but were elsewhere on the day). Many do not live in Brockley, but the surrounds, and sometimes outside the city. Police, politicians, park keepers, all help smooth an operation that would otherwise be impossible to create because of cost or bureaucracy. And all the artists (approximately 130), the majority of whom are professional, only get petrol money and beer for their craft.

These are the guys I would like to see Brockley thank as we are very lucky that these people see the importance of these types of events. I also like to say that it is very dispiriting for crew, very early in the morning, when some dog walkers show such antipathy towards those working on the site. It was much more vocal this year over previous years and quite unnecessary.

Thanks for all you support everyone.


John Moonbow
Event Organiser Marquee of Moonbow

Anonymous said...

As another year's BrockleyMax closes we, the residents and friends of Brockley, have amassed another huge store of fabulous memories to get us through the summer and beyond.

The success of this event continues to be the sole responsibility of Moira (creator and project funding organiser of MaxMedia Arts), Gill (organizer and all-round duracell bunny).

Notable mentions and heartfelt thanks for all their energy and community spirit to Elisabetta (Children's Day organiser),
the musicians, webmasters, artists, crew, volunteers, camerawork (Laura), John (stage manager and Moonbow bar license holder) and everyone who gives their precious time to supporting BrockleyMax.

Personally though, I'd like to really thank Moira, Davina, Nairn and Sarah (Gillespie)... for her amazing lunch (and, of course, Charlotte Tarrant) for making an old (and new) friend welcome and making Saturday one of the very best days I can recall for such a long time. Beautiful people!!

Warmest to all in Brockley. See you soon.

Paul Wadey

drakefell debaser said...

Saturday was a blast, so much so I am still recovering.

Thank you to everyone involved, the Max seems to get better and better every year.

Amy Winehouse said...

Seem to have lost my knickers, reputation and a small but important part of my brain on Hilly Fields. If anyone finds them can you drop them at Nicks, ta.

John Moonbow said...


I am pleased that you managed to sober up a bit and come back better wrapped for the evening chill and enjoy Letz Zep

Amy Winehouse said...

The last thing I remember is an hallucination involving nymphs, tamborines and cherubs dancing around the stone circle. I'm on my way to The Priory to dry out. Again

Moira said...

Saturday finished off a fantastic 9days of over 60 events, all of which happened because of literally hundreds of volunteers who worked so hard. I'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone who made the festival possible, and to everyone who came to the events.
Gill and I are hoping to run Brockley Max 2011 but getting funding for next year is going to be particularly difficult with the recession, so your comments here are a fantastic way of letting people know how much you enjoyed it. You can also post comments on the contact form on the Home page of the website, our Facebook site and please ask our local councillors and our Mayor to support us financially next year. We were supported this year by the Brockley Mayor's Fund and the Ladywell Locailties Fund and we need you to attend these Locality meetings to ensure we might recieve any future funding.
We are hoping to get some links to photos up on the website in the next week. And if you want to take part next year or be kept informed, email to go on the email list.

The Cat Man said...

I really enjoyed Saturday night - thanks to all !

Monkeyboy said...

Do you accept donations or is setting yourself up a charity too much hassle? I'd be happy to donate a tenner while the happy memories are there. Lottery funding? no idea how that works of if the Max is eligible.

drakefell debaser said...

Amy, if your recollection of the afternoon is hazy I have a photograph of you hallucinating that you can have.

Must say though, without the beehive I mistook you for the love child of Keith Richards and Patti Smith..

HappyBrockers said...

Absolutely fantastic day at Hilly Fields.
I enjoyed every second of it, and all the other Brockley Max events I attended.

I have to agree that Amy's enjoyment of the dancers in the stone circle was a particular highlight.

Thank you so much to everyone involved in organising it.

Anonymous said...

As always well organised,with with very few hitches.

Anonymous said...

Hello Brockleyites, please click the link below to see DecoDance perform their Wicker Man Dance.... again and again!!! You might even see yourself...

Monkeyboy said...

If I'm not mistaken you can here the crazy woman cackling at the start.

drakefell debaser said...

Yep, that is her alright. Nice work.

Anonymous said...

Just saw the murals, the repair work is seamless, great stuff.

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