Gordonbrock: Lewisham Council proceeds as planned

Lewisham Council has confirmed that it intends to push ahead with its plans to redevelop Gordonbrock School in Ladywell.

In the long, colourful history of Brockley Central, no issue has been as controversial as the fate of Gordonbrook School. Plans to decant pupils to Forest Hill and rebuild part of the school were put on hold earlier this year as a result of a last minute legal challenge by the Brockley Society, who hoped to prevent the demolition of historic buildings.

Initial concept sketches for an alternative design were produced by BrocSoc and a meeting was held with the Council to see if a way forward could be agreed and a legal challenge could be avoided. Following the meeting a Lewisham Council spokesperson said:

“Having considered the Brockley Society’s revised plans in detail, we remain concerned their proposal to retain an extra building on the site does not allow for the level of flexibility required to meet the future needs of the school. The Society’s plans place restrictions on the preferred teaching arrangements, would require significant changes to the existing plans and would take additional time that could seriously endanger funding. For all these reasons the Council has decided to proceed with submitting a planning application based on the original scheme.”