Football, bloody hell

OK, so at least we're not Spain. Or France. Or Australia. World Cup glory is still ours for the taking. All he needs to do is put Joe Cole or Gerrard on the left and another keeper between the posts and we'll be fine.

As for places to watch the game, we have this feedback from the USA game at the Wickham.

It was pleasingly crowded - full, without being sweatily so. Good mix of grizzled Wickham stalwarts and the young and the beautiful. Only one very tall man standing in the middle of the room. Service was reasonable after a slow start and the BBQ was nice. Good atmosphere, no aggro. The screens were well placed and of a decent size.

On the down side, anyone standing too close to the men's toilets (as we did) will suffer from the smell, which seems to be a persistent problem, the reception was a bit rubbish and the sound was too low, especially in the beginning. Hopefully, they will fix these issues for tonight's game, just as Capello solves all of England's problems.

If you watched it here or somewhere else, please share your experiences.