The London Bubble comes to Hilly Fields

Jez: [whispering] When do we get to go out?
Mark: [whispering] As far as I can make out, we get to go out for a bit in an hour, then we have to come back for two hours.
Jez: You're kidding. I think I'll die.
Mark: If this was on television, nobody would be watching.
Jez: Oh God. Why aren't we watching television? I've got Heat on DVD at home. We're watching this, when for less money we could be watching Robert de Niro and Al Pacino.

- Peep Show

The lovely London Bubble theatre meets the greatest poet-author who ever lived in Hilly Fields, in a summer event custom-built for Brockley Central's viewing pleasure. From August 11-14th, they'll be performing "promenade-style", click on the poster above for more details:

Join the acclaimed ‘London Bubble Theatre Company’ on a journey from Earth to Titan via Mars and Mercury. This year’s production is an adaptation of Kurt Vonnegut’s classic space-comedy, The Sirens of Titan, which foretells the space race and the creation of synthetic life while lovingly poking fun at our continual search for the meaning of life. Included with the tickets to the play is an entrance to the Rumfoord Mansion, an opportunity to stroke the Harmoniums of Mercury, and a chance to learn how to survive on Goofball oxygen supplies!