Brockley MAX presents: The Jam Circus Games Night

In a Brockley MAX first, Jam Circus will tonight play host to a games night. The event is organised by friend of BC, Muireann and inspired by the Brockley Central readers' Scrabble-inspired babble. She says:

We have lots of board games – Pictionary, Blockbusters, Guess Who, Downfall, Jenga, Scrabble... And fun games like Twister, musical statues, etc. Come with friends, or solo, there will be spaces. There will also be prizes. And bubbles. It’s going to be fun.

The games start at 7.30pm. Batteries not included.


name said...

I like that bit at the end Nick.

John Moonbow said...

Muireann would you like to help out on the games table at Hilly Fields on Saturday? Should be fun!

Anyone who wishes to be involved on Friday or Saturday on Hilly Fields are welcome to send me an email at

All ages, skills, interests welcome.

John Moonbow

Paddyom said...

How was last nights games night?

mg said...

Excellent fun, thanks Paddyom, we had a slowish start (weather? Tuesday after a bank holiday?) and then a lovely crowd got stuck in to table games and party antics (musical chairs and statues, balloon popping etc) until midnight. Two brand new Brockley-ites had a good intro to their new ‘hood – Axel from France came armed with his own games, and Luis from Italy turned out to be a master of Jenga.
Big thank yous to co-games mistress Katje at Jam Circus who provided the games, prizes and hats, and James for excellent dj-ing tailored to the occasion (Blockbusters theme was a highlight).

John, I don’t think I’ll be able to help on the games table - I’m going to miss a lot of Saturday on Hilly Fields as my choir is singing down the road at St Hilda’s and we have practice beforehand, but I should be up there later in the evening.

Shameless plug: Trade Winds at St Hilda's on Saturday, 5.30, please come if you’re not at Hilly Fields!

John Moonbow said...

Nowt wrong with shameless plugging



Anonymous said...

Sounds like a brilliant night! Will there be another one?!

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