Comedy Nights at Jam Circus

After a successful trial run during the Brockley MAX, Jam Circus is planning to stage regular comedy nights.

The next one takes place tomorrow, Wednesday, 16th June, starting at 8.30pm.

Jam Circus' Katje says:

This week the line up is Jim Richards, Daniel Ward, headlined by Ria Lina. There will be a short break between each act of course for refreshments. The chap organising the funny is also your compere - David Jesudason, he did a marvellous job last week so very excited to see what he's got in store this week!

Its held in the 70's room, seating maximum 36 people. Tickets cost £3, and all the money goes towards paying for the acts. Tickets are purchased at the bar, you can call up to reserve tickets, but please give us as much notice as possible if you need to cancel your reservations, and if the tickets haven't been picked up by 8.15 on the night in readiness for the 8.30 start they will have to be offered to other customers.


David Jesudason said...

Hi I'm David Jesudason. There's also a Facebook group you can join which will give you info on the acts for upcoming gigs.

David Jesudason said...

And here it is:

PEDANTIC said...


Anonymous said...

There are two types of comedian.

Those that wing it and rely on making fun of members of the audience for cheap laughs.

Then there are others who have taken care to prepare some decent material and have honed their act with good timing and a well crafted comic routine.

Anonymous said...

Only one type of comedian, the funny ones.

deadpan said...

If only that were true, anon@11.53!

Anon@11.29 - a gross over-simplification. I agree cheap laughs at the audience's expense can be tedious but to say it's either that or pre-prepared material is nonsense. Eddie Izzard uses prepared material but then adds in lots of improvisation, and though his best days seem to be long behind him, at his peak he was the funniest comedian around. I saw him live about 15 years ago and my face was aching the next day I laughed so much.

neanderthal d said...

Dave Allen was the man.

Class act all around.

He told great Irish Jokes/stories.

Tamsin said...

Agree, a class act. Fond memories of watching his TV shows with my older brother over thirty years ago. Later, though, whenever he appeared, I so wanted to take a severe pair of scissors to his hair!

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