Mayor Bullock: Cafe could work in Hilly Fields

A while back, we wrote that the success of the new children's playground in Hilly Fields meant that creating a cafe in Hilly Fields has become an even better idea than it was before. A cafe would complete a wonderful park, turning it in to a real destination.

There are three things that need to happen to make that idea a reality:

1. There must be private interest in running a cafe
2. There must be public support for creating such a facility
3. There must be Council permission for the project to go ahead

We know from conversation with one South East London entrepreneur that there is private interest in setting something up in Hilly Fields.

The response on this thread seems to show public support, albeit subject to seeing a detailed proposal.

Now, Mayor Bullock has given his backing to the concept. Following his visit to Hilly Fields to officially open the playground during the Brockley MAX, we asked him what he thought of the new playground and whether he would support a cafe in principle. Here's his response:

"I was delighted that we were able to secure funding for the improved play facilities at Hilly Fields. I could see when I opened them that local youngsters were already making great use of them. Our parks and open spaces work best when they are well used and I hope that the play area can be a catlyst for further local inititives possibly even including a cafe in the park which has worked well in other places in the borough."

That's as supportive as one could hope for without a firm proposal on the table, but it surely opens the door for an ambitious entrepreneur to come up with something that would serve local demand.