Thamesworld - Liquid History

Promenade theatre is the new skateboarding.

Starting tomorrow and running until Tuesday, the Deptford Stories Company is staging daily performances along the banks of the Thames (except Monday) of a play which celebrates the history of the river, culminating in a celebration of the Windrush's docking in Tilbury.

They say:

Stories of the river over hundreds of years woven into drama laced withhumour. Stories of Irish, Eastern European and West Indian communitiesinterweave with Dockers, Lascars and ship yard workers who crammed into thebustling neighbourhoods. Songs play their part: Waterloo Sunset, Lord Kitchener’s Empire Windrush Calypso, The Israelites and more.

Saturday June 19 2.30pm
Sunday June 20 3.00pm
Tuesday June 22 6.00pm prompt (or we’ll get swamped by high tide)

Wear flat shoes!

Meeting point: The Hoy, 193 Creek Road, London, SE8 3BU

Tickets £5, numbers limited, children over 10 only.

Contact: or

With thanks to Tyrwhitt Michael.


Now Then said...

Disappointed to find that both Sunday and Tuesdays performances have sold out, but there are a small number of tickets left for tomorrows.

Lady said...

imho always worth turning up to sold out events - never have I not got in on a return ticket/when there are no shows (and often for free)

Now Then said...

Thanks for the tip Lady, got to it tonight and yep...great.

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