Perienne Christian at cueB Gallery

cueB Gallery at The Brockley Mess, 325 Brockley Road

Open Monday – Friday 9am – 5.30pm, Saturday 9am – 6pm, Sunday 10am – 6pm

Perienne Christian is an acclaimed local artist, specialising in drawings and prints. She will be exhibiting her work at the cueB gallery, which is rapidly establishing itself as a leading local art venue, justifying their decision to ban pushchairs from the gallery space.
The exhibition begins with a private viewing tomorrow and runs from 9th June 2010 to the 22nd July 2010.
Perienne studied at Bath Spa, the Leipzig Academy and The Prince’s Drawing School, where she won the Chairman’s 1st prize for her end of year show. She recently completed a one-year residency at Kensington Palace, and is current artist in residence at Chat’s Palace Art Centre, Hackney.

She has work in the collections of HRH The Prince of Wales, Soho House, Leipzig Acedemy, Leipzig Buch Halle, and various private collections.


Gerry said...

My first instinct was to say that it was a very nice drawing and would be even better when it was finished...

...however, I have been on her website and had a quick flick through the collections and there are some really lovely drawings and paintings on there (though also a fair few that left me cold). The first 'within landscapes' painting almost made me feel dizzy there was so much movement in it. I shall look forward to seeing her display in CueB.

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