Fibre-optic broadband coming to Brockley soon (via Deptford and Forest Hill)

BT is rolling out its new fibre optic broadband network 'BT Infinity' to the exchanges which serve Brockley later this year.

On September 30th, it will turn on the service at Deptford, which serves Brockley. From December 31st, it will switch on the network at Forest Hill, which covers those parts of the BC area not covered by the Deptford exchange.

BT says the new cables will deliver download speeds of up to 40mb and upload speeds of 10mb, which means we will be able to abuse eachother at the speed of light. It will also enhance gaming and on-demand service delivery and of course, make life easier for many small businesses and freelance workers in the area, particularly for those currently unable to get Virgin.

Thinkbroadband reports the service will cost "£19.99 a month with a 20GB usage limit (£50 connection fee applies). The unlimited usage variant will cost £24.99 a month, but does save you the £50 connection fee. It also increases the upload speed from 2Mbps to 10Mbps."

Thanks to BCer Phil who spotted it.