Football, bloody El

No Wickham for us yesterday. We inadvertently organized a children’s birthday party to coincide with the England v Germany match. At the moment it dawned on us what we had done, it seemed disastrous, but by the second-half, the opportunity to stop watching so we could fetch a five year old a drink came as blessed relief.

Because it coincided with the football, the kids’ party attracted a large number of adults too, so we gave local catering company El’s Kitchen a try. Run by Ladywell resident Eleanor, El’s Kitchen is a catering business in-search of a long-term home in one of our high streets. Until she finds one, she runs the business from her own home and through Facebook.

Our order cost £7 per head (an introductory offer) and was extremely good value. We ordered a mixture of feta parcels, bread sticks, salads, polenta cakes and – perhaps subconsciously fearful of being accused on here of sounding too right-on – pork scratchings.

The food was great and well-reviewed by everyone at the party, even those who’d had enough booze to be candid. We hope El finds a shop soon, until then, find her here.


quick brown fox said...

You're a brave man, Nick. I fear that the inclusion of pork scratchings will do little to cancel out the polenta cakes.

Batman said...

Looks like the old Thai mini market in Crofton park will be avail to let soon.

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