Community meeting to discuss SE23 police shooting

Chioma Dijeh from the Met Police writes:

On Sunday, a 25 year old man was shot by police in Elisnore Road, SE23. 

A community meeting will take place this Saturday (25.02.12). The purpose of the meeting is for local residents to discuss the incident with the police and to hear directly from them about their concerns. 

Senior Officers from Lewisham will be present to take questions The IPCC have also been invited. Residents will have the opportunity to ask questions about how the case is being handled. 

It will be held at Kilmorie Primary School, Kilmorie Road, London, Lewisham SE23 2SP and will start at 1pm Please can you inform your readers and listeners The details are on our Twitter feed @MPS Lewisham and will be on our website shortly.


Tim said...

The man was running round with a machete. Tasers didn't work. What's to discuss?

Brockley Nick said...

Well I presume they are rather keen to avoid any of the same kind of community tension that built up in Tottenham last summer.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it was just a small machete.

Tamsin said...

Several knives, apparently. This from "senior officers in Lewisham Police" is what came with an earlier communication from the LCPCG:

"At around 05:40 hrs on Sunday 19 February, police were called to reports by members of the public of a man attempting to break in to a car in Elsinore Road, SE23.

Local officers attended and attempted to approach the man who then threatened them with a large bladed weapon.
The officers retreated and called for further units to assist including firearms officers.

The man then approached officers on Stanstead Road threatening them with the weapon.
Firearms officers attended the scene, and both taser and firearms were deployed. Subsequently the male received gunshot wounds having been shot by police.
London Ambulance Service attended and took the man to south London hospital. He is critical but stable.

The circumstances will now be subject of an investigation. There will are no further details at present but we can confirm a number of knives have been recovered from the scene.

Roads are closed in the area due to the incident.

The Met's Directorate of Professional Standards has been informed. The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) has been informed and this is now being treated as an independent investigation by them, as is standard practice for all police shootings.
The MPS is meeting with community members to ensure that they are aware of the facts of this incident."
Every year the MPS deploys armed officers to over 3000 incidents and plans over 700 armed operations in order to protect the public from dangerous offenders. In that context, shots are fired very rarely by officers when they see no alternative and only in one or two of those operations each year. It is essential that each of these occasions is subject to independent investigation and public scrutiny.

Total Policing is the Met's commitment to be on the streets and in your communities to catch offenders, prevent crime and support victims. We are here for London, working with you to make our capital safer.

As Nick says - everyone running scared of a Tottenham-like flashpoint. So thanks be that he's stable and, by the sound of it, recovering. People on the local news Sunday evening were immediately drawing comparisons.

Col said...

I'm sorry but if you run at the police with a sword twice you deserve what you get.

Prince Peter the Pumpkin Eater said...

"People on the local news Sunday evening were immediately drawing comparisons."

Some people are exceedingly stupid.

kolp said...

"The man was running round with a machete. Tasers didn't work. What's to discuss?"

Technically tasers didn't work in this incident either.

Given that the truth is often the first casualty in such incidents it is entirely appropiate for the matter to be discussed semi formally with the local community to stop the rumour mill going into overdrive.

Anonymous said...

"whats there to talk about"

Did you know that the police are not supposed to be judge jury and executioner. We dont live in the wild west. If they are shooting people - whatever the circumstances- then as our public servants they have to account for themselves. Or at least allow to ask those questions.
Or have you been watching too many 'american copshows'


PC Stamp said...

Handled in the right way by the Police from start to finish.

As has been pointed out, they are treating such incidents with kid gloves at the moment given recent events.

There wasn't an awful lot of logic behind the 'Tottenham' riots so it would be reasonable to expect not a lot more should a group see this incident as a reason to kick off.

Anonymous said...

Difference is they never did find a weapon in tottenham, did they?

Danja said...

There was an illegal weapon found over a wall in Tottenham - all that was retracted was the suggestion it had been fired in the incident (first or at all).

kolp said...

A weapon whose previous whereabouts are being examined against claims that it had previously been in police custody having been taken off a criminal.

There was a logic to what happened in Tottenham. The manner in which the man's death unfolded, led his friends & associates to have deep concerns as to what happened, including the belief he was "executed".

The man killed was popular and a well known member of the Farm community, prior to be shot he sent a broadcast that the police he was in vehicle surrounded by police and he didn't know why.
The next his friends & associates heard knew he was dead, shot by police.

His family organised a demonstration, it was mainly women & they wanted answers they marched on Tottenham Police station. They were treated dismissively. Tension was in the air, it's a balmy summer evening, they've been riots in recent memory with the students, some of the male youth watching the events decided to throw things...

Danja said...

That's all as maybe, but it isn't correct that no weapon was found.

There doesn't seem much point in talking about rumours about how it got there when the facts aren't known, so I didn't.

BatOutOfHell said...

Police meet residents to discuss shooting at 'Killmore School' - at least thats how I read it and chocked a bit...

I'm going to hell I know...

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