Comedy nights at Jam Circus

David, the man behind Jam Circus' regular comedy nights, explains what you can look forward to. Next one tomorrow night:

I've always tried to avoid organising events. The idea of watching a movie such as The Wedding Planner fills me with dread – event management (and Jennifer Lopez's acting) is my idea of hell. So I expected to constantly wake up in a cold sweat night after night ("WHERE are the chairs!") after agreeing to organise, compere and publicise a fortnightly comedy night at Jam Circus. The reality proved to be very different. Comedians loved the audiences. The audience loved the comedians.

The atmosphere is key. Having performed in bear pit-style venues I wanted to ensure that comedians weren't heckled and punters were not harangued for cheap laughs – a lot of people (me included) hate this style of comedy. I also wanted the night to be cheap (£3 a ticket) and for comedians to perform untried and untested material. All this has led to very successful nights which I hope continue and for this I would like to thank my fellow Brockley residents for being so supportive of an event organised by an amateur who was lucky to have the support of the Jam Circus management.

So things have gone from strength to strength and at the last gig a man who seemed familiar thanked me for witnessing what he described as a 'brilliant' show. The man in question was Trevor Lock. Trevor Lock used to be part of a double act on 6 Music with the lesser-know Russell Brand and has regularly appeared with Stewart Lee and Richard Herring on TV. He's a consummate performer and he's appearing at the next Jam Circus gig on July 28 with four other comedians. Anyone who is keen to see this show will be glad to know that the entrance is still £3 and tickets can be booked here:

All the best comedy lovers!


pip said...

I imagine Dave may be feeling a little disappointed that this thread has attracted no comments. It deserves some response so here's mine. A rather boring one, but I'm tired and it's the best I can do.

I like the sound of these evenings, and good for Jam Circus for trying to bring comedy to Brockley, but I can't make this one.

My work here is done.

Brockley Nick said...

The number of comments doesn't necessarily relate to people's interest in the story - sometimes there just isn't much of a debate to be had.

But yes, well done JC and David. If anyone went, it would be nice to hear what it was like.

Anonymous said...

I went and it was pretty good. The headline act was heckled to death by some wideboy with a big gob though....slightly uncomfortable to watch...

David Jesudason said...

Hi no I'm not disappointed as sometimes articles don't inspire debate. Re the last comment. The 'wideboy' was indulged by Trevor and he enjoys audience participation. Most of his act is improvised and is a matter of taste – I thought it was one of the best acts I've seen. Glad you thought it was pretty good

Georgia Harrison said...

"You're not a little girl, Trevor. Take Mummy's clothes off." So I undressed her...

I literally cried. Realised in the kebab shop after that I had mascara down my cheek.

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