DLR capacity boosted by 11%

On Monday, the Docklands Light Railway began operating a new timetable, which increased the number of trains serving Lewisham from 13.3 trains per hour to 15 trains per hour during the morning peak time, enabling the service to carry 1,100 more passengers per hour - a capacity boost of 11%.

Earlier this year, the Bank to Lewisham route saw the introduction of three carriage trains, giving an additional 50 per cent capacity.

Director of the DLR, Jonathan Fox, said:

'We are pleased to be able to deliver this service improvement to our passengers.

'This is the second network capacity improvement step following on from our upgrade programme and there will be more to come as our passenger numbers continue to increase. 'Passengers will see increasing benefits delivered by our upgrade and new carriages."

The expansion of the DLR is a key component of Lewisham Council's plans to redevelop Central Lewisham, with work underway at last on the Loampit Vale project.