DLR capacity boosted by 11%

On Monday, the Docklands Light Railway began operating a new timetable, which increased the number of trains serving Lewisham from 13.3 trains per hour to 15 trains per hour during the morning peak time, enabling the service to carry 1,100 more passengers per hour - a capacity boost of 11%.

Earlier this year, the Bank to Lewisham route saw the introduction of three carriage trains, giving an additional 50 per cent capacity.

Director of the DLR, Jonathan Fox, said:

'We are pleased to be able to deliver this service improvement to our passengers.

'This is the second network capacity improvement step following on from our upgrade programme and there will be more to come as our passenger numbers continue to increase. 'Passengers will see increasing benefits delivered by our upgrade and new carriages."

The expansion of the DLR is a key component of Lewisham Council's plans to redevelop Central Lewisham, with work underway at last on the Loampit Vale project.


Monkeyboy said...

I'm reserving judgement until Lou and Headhunter have analysed the situation.

Anonymous said...

Just had a leaflet through the letterbox about events/places to visit on the DLR.

They have map of the DLR and there's an arrow ponting to Lewisham which is off the page!

There's not one event, place or shop mentioned in Lewisham.

The only mention of Lewisham is of someone travelling from the area to Greenwich.

tyrwhitt ali said...

I have to say, I'm still getting the DLR to the Wharf in the morning, although it's a 50/50 split as to whether I get the ELL home. It's just nice not to have to deal with the Jubilee line and to have a seat!

Lou Baker said...

Lou's verdict on the DLR is that it is the best railway in the country - and it's a shame it doesn't come to Brockley.

Though - despite the engineering issues - I reckon there's a pretty good chance it'll eventually be extended to Ladywell and Catford.

Anonymous said...

It does come to Brockley. Lewisham Station is just down the road. In any other part of the UK that would count as being incredibly local.

Lou Baker said...


Fortunately this isn't any other part of the UK.

And - according to the National Rail iPhone ap - from where I am in Telegraph Hill, there are 10 other stations closer to my house than Lewisham is.

It may only be 1.5 miles away but that can take a long time to travel in such a busy city.

Anonymous said...

Trouble is it only goes to the east of London which is useless and full of drugs, only has three carriages and isn't a tube eh Lou?

Anonymous said...

Just needs the hh endorsement and we're there.

Headhunter said...

I mildly approve of the DLR, however I note they are going on strike in the near future so damn their eyes.

Lou Baker said...


The DLR does indeed only have three carriages and it's not a tube.

But it goes to the City and Canary Wharf as well as East London.

It also usually runs on time, is very rarely cancelled, created new and decent connections with several tube/train lines and is fully accessible.

None of which applies to the East London Line extension.

More importantly it has its own dedicated route and, smartly, mixes old abandoned infrastructure with completely new sections to make a brand new railway.

This applies to the section of the ELL in Hackney but not the bit here - which was my objection all along.

Incidentally, I've now used the ELL around a dozen times since it opened. Not once has it ever run on time. Twice the delay has been over 20 minutes. In my experience my initial concerns about the robustness of the route have been more than proven.

John said...

The great thing about the DLR is it's reliability. The downside is how slow it has to travel through the docklands.

Anonymous said...

Must do it to annoy you. I've had few issues with it. And yes, your correct. The dlr is a completely different service. It could not do what the ell does. It could not share the nr infrastructure and would have cost more. I'm glad the ell is here and would not go back to what we had and I'll think you'll find that most folk feel that way

Anonymous said...

Canary Wharf is in East London, don't start saying it isn't or you'll give them license to move it into Zone 1.

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