Ruddock meets with Southern

Joan Ruddock, MP for Lewisham Deptford, is meeting with Southern and Southeastern rail services on July 20th and has asked for resident feedback about services since the May timetable change, which reduced off-peak service frequency on the Brockley line.

BC regular Monkeyboy forwarded a letter he received from the MP, following his exchanges with her about this issue, earlier this year. She asks that comments be sent to with the words Rail Service Response in the subject line.

If you want to comment, you have three days.


Monkeyboy said...

The silence speaks volumes.

love detective said...

no rush, given the huge amount of time given to reply

Headhunter said...

I got a letter from her and sent her a mail with my thoughts...

Lou Baker said...

She didn't respond to either of my two letters on the subject.

And, in any case, she's left it a bit late.

Where was this meeting in December - when we were all angry about our trains being cut and she was a minister in the government which orchestrated the cuts?

Oh that's right she was campaigning to save her job rather than bothering about us ...

Mb said...

It's what politicians do. She's needs little people now, exploit it and send her a coherent argument to put to southern.

Telegraph Hillibilly said...

I emailed her as follows:
"Dear Ms Ruddock

When I first moved to Telegraph Hill in 1982, every other train from New Cross Gate went to Charing Cross. Some years later, this was reduced to a couple of trains in the early morning and every half hour from 7.30pm. Similarly, trains returned directly from Charing Cross in the evenings. Trains also ran to Charing Cross and back on Sundays.

Now we have had the connection to Charing Cross stopped entirely. This seems to continue a policy of seeing us down here as some sort of second-class citizens. I have never understood why all our trains have to go to London Bridge only. If you stand on the bridge over the platforms in the rush hour you will see literally hundreds of people streaming across to catch trains to Waterloo and Charing Cross; at the same time just as many get off through trains because they only want to go as far as London Bridge. If some of the trains that currently terminate at London Bridge were allowed to continue and some of the others were terminated, a great deal of that to-ing and fro-ing could be eliminated. It would only take a bit of research to decide on the most efficient way to alter the services.

I am fit and healthy and don’t particularly mind hopping over to platform 6 to continue my journey at London Bridge, but anyone elderly, frail, disabled or managing small children and pushchairs must find it a burden. They now have the option of taking the Overground to Canada Water and changing to the Jubilee Line to get to Waterloo, but this takes longer and still doesn’t get them to Charing Cross.

My feeling is that the rail services are organised in the way that gives the operators the least headaches, not really in the best interest of passengers.

Best regards


Anonymous said...

Er I wrote to her ages ago about this - she has responded and kept me up to date with what she was doing/meetings etc with minutes. Perhaps she reads BC and noted some of Lou's comments?

Lou Baker said...

I hope so.

I know she can do nothing about the train cuts now. The reality is that she's just a backbench MP and has slightly less power to impact the quality of our lives than the local street cleaner.

But she should respond to letters. She has staff and a healthy budget for that. If Ms Ruddock's office can't fulfil this most basic of tasks she should let someone else do the job.

Anonymous said...

She responded to me. If your letters are as patronising, rude, arrogant and self important as your posts here I'm not overly surprised she chooses not to.

Lou Baker said...


And yet you're the one resorting to personal insults.

I'd never dream, for example, of calling you a hypocritical tosser.

Sure I like to rile the loony lefty spend-a-holics and the moron righty kill-joys but it's all a bit of jest.

Most are big enough and ugly enough to take it tongue in cheek.

Though some have clearly had a sense of humour bypass - probably on the NHS.

Anyway, Ruddock's paid well to help her constituents.

And I'm far from being alone in raising this issue about her office failing to respond to correspondence.

That is an issue we should all care about because one day we may genuinely need our MP to stick up for us.

We should be able to rely on her office and we can't.

Anonymous said...

Kind of illustrated my point there, thanks.

Lou B said...

Mine too.


Bea said...

I emailed her on a seperate issue a couple of years back and her office came back to me immediately.

They even sent me a chaser email when I hadn't responded for a couple of days.

I found them very helpful indeed (although this was her office rather than Joan herself).

Monkeyboy said...

I suspect that the post office burns lou's mail to annoy him.

Have to say I'm happy to lobby her for more southern trains but I'm more that happy with the situation we have at present. Just hope they get the jubilee sorted quick.

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