Progress at Loampit Vale

The first tower crane has arrived at the Loampit Vale site, marking the next stage in the project's construction and signalling that the commitment to deliver the development remains.

The first phase completed will be a new swimming pool and leisure centre in 2013.


michelle phelps said...

Well I'm looking forward to it at least!

saving up to move out said...

I keep catching the light from the crane from my house. I am feeling very worried. Will this mean the tower blocks will be this high? No more hills on view and lots more light pollution?

No more privacy either.

Anonymous said...

Barratt is already marketing the flats to buy to let investors in Hong Kong.

Click here for the advert of the presentation event in Hong Kong and here's the detailed price list including the forecast return for the investment.

drakefell debaser said...

Amazingly detailed map they have used. They have even manage to move the London City Airport to the David Beckham Academy by the dome.

If this is anything to go by, will the Renaissance become South Greenwich?

TM said...

They are also advertised in Today's Metro page 61 with seven other Barrett developments in London.

Prices £10K higher than in Hong Kong!

Name said...

Buy to let Barratt homes marketed at Hong Kong Chinese?...interesting times at Loampit Vale.

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