Convoys Wharf public consultation

We're late to the party with this one, but the public consultation for the latest iteration of the Convoys Wharf redevelopment plans takes place today at the Deptford Methodist Church, 1 Creek Road, SE8 3BT, until 2pm.

The Deptford Dame has been through the new plans and reckons that the main differences are:

- Less employment space (from 26,000 to 19,000 square metres)
- More leisure space (from 23,500 to 30,600 square metres), which includes a hotel that will help offset the lack of new jobs
- A new category of "wharf floorspace", which will take up 32,200 square metres.

One of her readers believes that 2,300 parking spaces will be provided at ground level under many of the buildings, with the housing gated off, both of which would damage its appeal as a destination for non-residents.