Brockley Central reader offer: half-price tickets for "You Don't Kiss" at the Brockley Jack

Director Darren Batten has been in touch to offer Brockley Central readers half-price tickets to his new play. He says:

I have a show opening at The Brockley Jack Studio Theatre this week and would like to offer readers of Brockley Central half price tickets.

The show is a new award winning play called 'You Don't Kiss' and runs July 21st to 31st at 8pm. If readers quote 'Brockley Central' on the night they would like to come at the theatre box office they will pay £6 instead of £12.

Here's the plot:

Three guys, a park bench and a book of fairytales. Meet Hartley, sat waiting for his knight in shining armour to arrive. Enter Justin, who longs for sex in the city. Then there's Ian, who doesn't quite get what he bargained for.Is a dream really a wish your heart makes? Set in a park in a town somewhere outside the sprawling metropolis of London, this evocative new comedy tells the story of three black gay men and their search for love, sex and a Disney ending!

Click here for details.

(This offer subject to availability and excluding Saturday July 31st)