Crafty Cooks, Honor Oak

Hannah is starting a new a pre-school cookery group in Honor Oak. Called "Crafty Cooks", the classes are aimed at 2-5 year-olds, teaching them how to cook from scratch a variety of healthy recipes over the course of a term.

Crafty Cooks will take place between 10.30am and 11.45am at the Honor Oak pub. Parties and group bookings are also available for children of all ages.

Hannah explains:

The Honor Oak was my first choice of venue as I know what a great function space they have but mainly it's because of how helpful and supportive Tom and his team are there. I also know how popular Babbe Latte is so there must be lots of Mums around just looking for things to do with their kids!

Formerly a Telegraph Hill resident, Hannah now lives in Hither Green, where she will also be running classes. After years working in the catering industry and more recently acting as head of events at the National Theatre, Hannah had a baby in 2009 and (in a story familiar to Brockley's Creative Mums network members) found it an impossible job to do with young children.

She says:

I came across a lady called Anna Oliver who started Crafty Cooks in Marlow, Buckinghamshire several years ago and as it's been going so well for her she decided to license the business out so I have taken it on in Lewisham. I am really excited about it and can't wait for September and my classes to start, just need to get them all booked up!

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