Lewisham Council launches public consultation on spending

Lewisham Council has launched an online survey, asking residents to tell them which services they value most. The lowest-scoring services will be thrown out of the balloon.

The Mayor says:

Over the last three years, Lewisham Council has saved around £26 million by cutting waste and becoming more efficient. Over the next three years cuts in national Government funding are likely to mean that Lewisham Council will have to reduce its spending by around £60 million [nb. this figure was set by Lewisham Council before the last election].

We will continue to cut waste and do things more efficiently where we can. But if we are to balance our budget in the coming years, we will need to look at providing services differently and providing a different level of service in some areas.

I want you to have your say in how Lewisham Council can best face these challenges. I want to know:

- what council services you value most
- what you think the Council could do less of
- where you think you and your friends, family and neighbours could help each other more to improve your area.

The Council is also hosting an online forum where you can discuss the issues. We've not had a play with it yet, so we don't know how heavily moderated it is.