What's so funny about Ladywell?

Woman: You don't know my name, do you?

Jerry: Yes I do.

Woman: What is it?

Jerry: It, uh, rhymes with a female body part.

Woman: What is it?

Jerry: Mulva...

Jerry: Er, er, Gipple?

Jerry: Loleola?

Jerry: Oh! Oh! *Delores*!

- Seinfeld, The Junior Mints

We regularly trawl Twitter for stories about Brockley and Ladywell, searching for references to both locations. It occasionally throws up some interesting stuff, but despite the best efforts of Ladywell tweeters like Sue Luxton, the main thing anyone has to say about Ladywell on Twitter is how suggestive it sounds. “I’m stuck on a train, just outside Ladywell, haha,” is a typical comment.

We usually have a good nose for sexual innuendo, but it had never occurred to us that there’s anything funny about “Ladywell”. Is it that it sounds like a female body part or are we missing something?