Foxberry Place

Adam says that this is simply how things work: First the parents take care of the children and then the children take care of the parents. He says historically, that's how it works. Whenever Adam gives me such obviously incorrect information, I just smile, slap him on the knee, and look out the window.

Why spoil his dreams? They're such wonderful dreams.

Brockley resident "Brockley Resident" has been dreaming big dreams. Thinking about what is and what could be, if only Council and developer worked together with shared vision. BR's idea is to create a new public square called Foxberry Place, adjacent to Coulgate Street. Here's the plan:

I have read in many posts that lobbying to pedestrianise Coulgate Street continues to take place.
It think this is a beautiful idea and potentially a step in the right direction. However I think this will not be sufficient to boost the other shops and does little in regards to the lack of quality office and commercial space. So why not lobbying the Council to pedestranise the end of Foxberry Road as well, next to the Barge?

With the help of an enlightened developer this part of the road could be transformed into a small square with shops, offices and apartments built where the garages are right now. A perfect setting for the Brockley Max Concert and in hot days bars and restaurants could put their tables outside. Two upper floors could be built to match the hight of the buildings in Coulgate Street so that well designed modern office space could be offered to the entrepreneurs of Brockley. I am aware this is an ambitious plan, almost an impossible dream for a place like Brockley.

However there are some incredible people and organisations in Brockley that may buy into the idea and one day deliver the miracle.

We love this kind of idea, because it marries ambition with respect for what is already great about Brockley and offers a coherent vision for how to make our world a little better.

It would certainly create a town centre that Brockley doesn't have and provide new high-quality retail space, which the area lacks.

What do you think? Beautiful dream or fascist plot to sanitize Brockley?