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Deptford Station’s redevelopment has taken a step forward

As the Deptford Dame reported in May, a £7m construction contract has been awarded to expand the station and improve access, via a separate structure, next to the railway arches. A key plank of the Council’s plans for the future of Deptford, the project had been stuck in limbo.

The Jubilee Line upgrade has taken a step backwards

As has been widely reported over the last week, the Jubilee Line upgrade, which was meant to have been completed last year, is subject to further delays.

The upgrade is intended to improve signalling and deliver a 33% increase in capacity by running more trains along the route, reducing congestion for Brockley commuters at both Canada Water and London Bridge. There is now no definite completion date, although London Underground have confirmed that this line is the top priority among a mounting list of delayed line upgrades.

The East London Line is now the South London Line

According to Transport Xtra, the East London Line extension to Clapham is being renamed the New South London Line. The name emphasises its role in completing an outer orbital route around London.
Work on the 2.5km extension is expected to start before the end of the year.

Brockley Central is the future of media

Here we are, in our day job, talking about the Creative Industries. Towards the end, after many ‘ums’ and ‘ers’ we declare The Young Turks to be the future of broadcasting. Which it is. TYT is our inspiration. In other words. We’re coming for you.


Anonymous said...

who shot the interview Nick? it could be improved upon.

Brockley Nick said...

Tell it to the CBI! ;)

To be fair, so could the interview itself.

Anonymous said...

The CBI did themselves? Speaking as someone who does this kind of thing for a living I can tell you that they should be ashamed of themselves. As for the content of the interview I thought it was fine, probably could have been edited slightly snappier but that's not your fault and it was interesting nevertheless.

Your example of the young turks (and this interview) highlight how production values are just falling through the floor, but whether people actually care is an interesting discussing point. I care because I work in the industry and hope that my skills set me above any old idiot who can can press record on a camera. We can all make content now - but just because we can doesn't automatically make it any good. Then again, it sometimes seems like most people nowadays are happy to be amused by writing narcissistic updates on facebook and waiting for their friends to respond.

I need a glass of wine.

Name said...

This is good news because Deptford Station pongs.

So the ELL is to be known as the SLL...its had more 'renamings' than Sean Coombs. (aka Puff Daddy. P.Diddy, Didd...etc).

Nick it is funny to see you and even funnier to hear what you sound like- what a posh boy you are :P
And what does this mean is BC to a videocast?

Brockley Nick said...

@GC - I think what we've seen - and we'll continue to see - is a growing divide between ultra-high-quality content at the shrinking 'head' (major ad camapaigns, blockbusters and TV dramas have never been better shot and lit) and then a lengthening 'tail' of quickly and cheaply produced content. The middle is being squeezed. In film, for example, blockbusters are bigger than ever before, spawning huge franchises. And low-cost indie movies are still profitable and being produced in ever-greater numbers. But mid-budget movies are flopping and are not being financed.

@name - as for the accent, it was for the CBI ;)

As for videocasts... maybe. I'd like BC to be a multimedia, multi-platform experience. Tweets, apps, podcasts, vlogs, augmented reality, video games, the lot!

Name said...

TYT production values are low rent- deliberately it fits their particular kind of content, but if you look at the other top subscribed on Youtube you'll see that they strive for good quality - HD film, sophisticated editing and a lot of them despite what they say, still crave the backing of 'old' media; to be in films on or tv etc.

the bc videogame? muses...A bit like pacman but the character has to eat an assortment of organic & local produce???

Anonymous said...

Yeah I agree - film is a different from tv mind you - in tv budgets have been falling for years and while there is still a place for the big budget dramas, etc they're still doing it all on less. I guess my point is that as an audience it seems we're willing to accept lower production values - in fact is some cases it might even improve the experience. (For a generation brought up on youtube production values are largely meaningless). For me it's a bitch - I'm not high end - but I baulk when I see interviews shot like yours that sound like you're in a school sports hall, and with no thought given to composition. Just sounding off with the help of some vino - i think I need to diversify.

name said...

That Sherlock programme was excellent on the BBC a few nights ago.
This is what is missing from BC sometimes the opp. to talk about TV!

Mezzer said...

Anon 19:28

You neeed to give yourelf a moniker. Any one will do.

Ae you anon at 18:43?

Who knows?

Graham Smith | CBI said...

Nick - thanks for taking the time to be interviewed.

PS Have you eaten at the excellent Babur in Brockley?

Anonymous - we're not ashamed of our video content at all. We have gone from next to no video content in 2008 to having produced just over 100 videos to date this year.

As "the voice of business" it is better to say something on behalf of UK business than nothing at all.

Perhaps you would like to give me a call and we can discuss how we can improve our production values because we are not any old idiots and we do care.

Graham Smith
Head of marketing, CBI

Daz said...

I loved Sherlock too, Name! Speaking of telly, apparently a new series of Young, Dumb & Living Off Mum started on BBC3 on Sunday. Which is unbelievable, considering how bad the last series was.. apart from its setting in glorious Brockers of course. Anyone see the new ep? Are they back here in our homeland?

Deptford dame said...

Getting back on topic - you report my report of the contract award BUT since the contract award there has been no noticeable progress on Deptford station. I intend to follow up on this in due course, but just wanted to say DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE! Even when it's my hype, it seems!

quick brown fox said...

The production quality looks fine to me – it’s just a talking head after all.

The mention of production values reminds me of the one thing above all else that I would change about the BBC. Whenever they show sport that isn’t live (highlights etc.) they just can’t resist messing about with it – editing it to death, sepia tinting, using weird camera angles and visual effects – and the end result is that you lose all the excitement, emotion and drama of the original action. I love sport and it drives me mad – gilding the lily doesn’t even begin to describe it. I can only conclude that the people responsible love ‘high production values’ but aren’t actually interested in sport.

quick brown fox said...

PS I say 'just a talking head' - but of course it's not just any old head - it's the head of Brockley Nick! Nice to be able to put a face to the moniker :-)

Monkeyboy said...

Graham, Babur is the best. No discussion required.

Anonymous said...

Talking of railway stations...what the heck is going on at Lewisham?

OK they put in some lifts...but the main entrance area has been blocked off for about 2 years, if not longer.

Anonymous said...

Talking of Lewisham station...if the turning circle isn't required why not pave it over and make it a pedestrian area.

That would be better than the narrow pavements immediately outside the station.

While they are at it, why not place an Oyster swipe at the rush-hour exit on platform 4?

Tyrwhitt Michael said...

Has everyone got 2 year old "recent" comments or just me?

Anonymous said...

me too.

love detective said...

nick can I add your 'posh boy' accent to my list of 'assumptions' about your upbringing :)

ps was the video clip a subtle way of letting us all know you've recently been promoted?congratulations on that

Brockley Nick said...

@LD -

re: accent - love see no colour

re: job - wasn't aware anyone knew what my old title was. But thanks.

Name said...

Intellectual property rights is as much a bar to business as a boon.

Anonymous said...

'Think Global' ain't that a bit ole skool?

I remember first hearing that at a corporate event in Switzerland during the 1990 (?) World Cup.

Before that it was 'multi-national' and previously 'international'.

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