Six new Streetcars for Brockley

Streetcar has got its wish and been allowed to expand in Lewisham, with six new bays in Brockley and St Johns.

The new Streetcar bays are in:

Arthurdon Road
Braxfield Road
Harefield Road
Vulcan Road
Darling Road
Admiral Street

Car clubs reduce parking problems, widen access to cars and generate revenue for the Council, so an expansion is welcome and should dramatically increase takeup locally (membership has already expanded nearly five-fold in the last two years).

With thanks to Fabhat and Alison.


qbf said...

Finally! Great news.

Anonymous said...

This is a start.

But I can't help feeling that, to make any dint in the huge number of underused cars that congest the roadside, there needs to be several of these bays on every street.

Now, if there was somewhere local with lockers, where you could pick up shopping and parcels. That would also eliminate a lot of journeys.

Transpontine said...

Nick you're losing your touch. Headline like that and you didn't even manage to get a Tennessee Williams quote in!

Anonymous said...

I would have expected Highways to have included at least a couple of bays in the forthcoming Ladywell CPZ zone, given that was one of the stated possible benefits listed in the CPZ consultation document. Maybe they will be in the next tranche to be rolled out? Good news about the other places however.

its a shame said...

Expect windows to be regularly's endemic around here

love detective said...

i've stopped using streetcar this year - they used to be pretty good round catford, a good selection of polo's & golf's spread around - now they have replaced most of the golf's with the more expensive BMW's and also put more vans & people carrriers in place of normal cars - the one polo that is left in the area is hired out to businesses for month's at a time

Anonymous said...

Can we have a parking permit system in the area of Brockley???

I think the appeal of StreetCars would increase if it was no longer to park your own car everywhere.

Residents would finally be able to park near their houses.

Anonymous said...

...and pay the council hansomly for the privlege.

Better to have a shop and park on the pavement or maybe pave over your garden and park there.

The more of these shared car bays there are, the more likely people will do the sums and decide that a shared car makes sense.

pip said...

good to see Nick's request to people to stop posting anonymously is working...

Anonymous said...

CPZs can fuck RIGHT off.

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