Not Brockley Central: Homemade London

Brockley Nick here...

Homemade London is the place that was at one point going to be located in Brockley, but is instead up near Marble Arch on a wonderful little street called Seymour Place.

It's run by by my wife and would not have happened without the support and inspiration we've had from many people we've met through Brockley Central - from the local entrepreneur group we spoke with to the Creative Mums Network that Nicola started, from Ross at Browns of Brockley and Richard at The Royal Albert to Ed at The Orchard and many more people who've given us their advice along the way. There are also some local designers and craftspeople who are going to be teaching there.

The shop opens soon and the site (designed by Deptford production house Raw Nerve) is now live, so you can register for more details when it launches.

Let's hope people like it or I'm doing a Murdoch and putting up paywalls on Brockley Central.

You will see more shameless plugs of it in due course.