Unions mount Lewisham Hospital and Deptford Job Centre campaigns

Tonight a group campaigning to prevent University Lewisham Hospital from becoming a foundation hospital is holding a "lively debate" about the question: "Is Foundation Status right for ULH?" although all the speakers appear to fall on the "no" side of the argument, which suggests the liveliness will be the polemical sort.

Backed by UNISON, the meeting takes place at the Saville Centre, 436 Lewisham High Street, tonight, from 7pm.

A rainbow coalition of unionists and socialists will gather in the Red Room at the Deptford Albany at 7pm on July 27th, to campaign to defend Lewisham against cuts - in particular, the planned closure of the Deptford Job Centre in November.

The "Lewisham Anti-Cuts Alliance" warn of a generalised cut of 25% across all services in the borough and are fighting to protect them against the fat cats in the primary school sector... oh no hang on, that's not right.

With thanks to Tamsin.


Tamsin said...
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Tamsin said...

Um - the Deptford meeting is not until 27th July. What is tonight is an NHS public meeting on Foundation Status for UHL and the privatisation of local hospital pathology units. Being held in the Saville Centre just south of the Hospital on Lewisham High Street at 7pm.

Particularly relevant with the white paper just come out which one commentator has said picks up and pushes forward all the very worst aspects of the Labour Health Reforms of the past ten years.

Anonymous said...

Eh? I don't understand this post. What does it mean?

Tamsin said...

It means that a few days back I sent Nick notice of two meetings - one tonight in the Saville Centre on NHS issues and one on Wednesday 27th July in the Albany on the closure of the Deptford Job Centre. In starting this thread he muddled the two of them. And with his day job to concentrate on was not around to immediately correct things himself.

We do not want people trekking off to the the Albany this evening (and blaming BC for the wasted journey) and it would be a pity if people interested in NHS issues did not know about the meeting in the Saville Centre, so I tried to clarify things.

Anonymous said...

I thought I read somewhere it was because the Lease has run out,but might be trying to find another location in Deptford to open it.

Lou Baker said...

Loony lefties in another campaign to save something not worth saving shocker.


As the areas around Deptford will be rank with the smell of the great unwashed, I think I'll stay in and watch telly instead.

Anonymous said...

Lou, you really are deeply unpleasant. Do you teach your kids to despise those who have less than you? Horrid little man.

Anonymous said...

Either that, or a wind up troll.

Tamsin said...

Well the meeting tonight is actually about the NHS which possibly is worth trying to save.

To quote London Health Emergency - who are left but not always loony...
“This new set of policies builds on all the worst elements of the previous government’s so-called reforms.
“It will establish even more private providers making profit from the public purse, while NHS staff could become a virtually extinct species in England.
“Any GPs who really believe that they can deliver improved care for their patients in this type of health competitive market are kidding themselves.
“Some campaigners have wrongly cried ‘wolf’ at earlier reform packages, but this White Paper leaves every previous attempt at privatisation and marketisation standing. This time we really are facing the end of the NHS as we know it – by 2015."

Brockley Nick said...

Sorry all, I'm one of those sloppy journalists that Kate reviles.

Too many union campaigns to keep track of these days. All very exciting, not like those boringly moderate years in the 90s and early noughties.

Now fixed.

Tamsin said...

One sided debate, as Nick in the amended post says. UCL were invited but the relevant people had other commitments. Tim Higginson did, though, make it to the usual "Save Our NHS" Group meeting yesterday afternoon, pointing out, among other things, that it is now a legal requirement for hospitals to become Foundation Trusts. But just because something has been/will be introduced by statute does not mean to say that it is sensible or right or that the decision cannot be reversed if enough people point out the folly of what is being done.

The difficulty is to separate out the issues of what is (possibly rightly) perceived as self-serving protectionism of jobs and beneficial terms & conditions and the more altruistic concern about the effects of the contractual free for all that the widespread introduction of market concepts into what should be public service will be on the overall efficiency of that service.

Anonymous said...

Someone needs a good education?


Lou Baker said...


Yep, they're loony lefties.

There isn't a bandwagon Geoff Thingy from London Health Emergency hasn't jumped on.


Yes I am a horrible person.

I like making kids cry.

There's nothing more satisfying than kicking a homeless man.

AND, if you want a real laugh, try dangling a carrot just out
of reach of a fluffy bunny.

Or, perhaps, you're one of the lefty loons who thinks money grows on trees.

Anonymous said...

No Lou, it's your distain toward the poor and "unwashed" I object too. Hope that's clear.

Lou Baker said...


I don't have distain for the poor - just the stupid.

The great unwashed - the lefty loons - are mostly not poor. They're misguided middle class, middle income do-gooders. With no clue. I'm sure they have showers - they just don't use them.

These sandal wearing hippies campaign to save spurious services and non-jobs because they, misguidedly, think it's the right thing to do.

Of course, the real way to help the poor is to encourage wealth creation.

Entrepreneurs need workers - they hire poor people, who become less poor and spend their money on goods and services created by other entrepreneurs.

These formerly poor people are a little less poor and, as they now pay more taxes and claim fewer benefits, society is better off too.

A virtuous circle.

So support your local cafe, your local newsagents, your local pubs, your local taxi-firms. Even the company who - shock horror - provides services to the NHS.

But don't support the twits who think more government and more government workers is the solution to all our problems. It isn't. It's the cause of most of 'em.

Tamsin said...

I do realise that money doesn't grow on trees and is in short supply. Why I want what is spent on essential public services - transport, health and education - to be used as effectively as possible and not wasted on monitoring targets and a host of buck-passing contracts that benefit only the share-holders of the companies that take them and the lawyers acting in the interests of everyone involved except the passenger (I don't subscribe to the jargon of calling everyone "customers"), the child learning and the patient.

Anonymous said...

Lou, you do sound ludicrous when you trot out the lazy stereotypes. Loving the "loony lefties", not heard that since the '80s.

Anonymous said...

Lou-ser Baker... Period.

Anonymous said...

If the Mayor and New Labour Council is determined to get rid of 5 libraries can the New Cross one become a new jobcentre for Deptford/New Cross?

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