Public meetings about Lewisham libraries

The dates have been announced for the public consultation meetings about the future of five of Lewisham's libraries, including New Cross and Crofton Park. All the meetings start at 7pm:

Wed 28 July - Blackheath library - venue - Leemore Centre
Wed 18 August - New Cross Library - venue - Moonshot Centre
Thurs 19 August - Sydenham Library - venue - Grove Centre, Jews Walk
Mon 23 August - Crofton Park Library - venue - St Saviours, Brockley Rise
Wed 25 August - Grove Park Library - venue - TA Centre, Baring Road

Not sure why they can't hold them at the libraries themselves, but please go along if you care about the future of your library.

With thanks to Fabhat and Sara.


Dirk said...

do you know the times for the meetings by any chance?

Brockley Nick said...

Sorry Dirk, 7pm. Now fixed.

bob said...

Nicely timed in school holidays, when many of the one of the main group users of these libraries (parents of school age kids) are away...

Lou Baker said...

Sigh @ bob,

It's not a conspiracy.

If you want the library saved all you have to do is find a few hundred other people and all chip in £500 a year to save it. Easy.

If not let us know which schools / services for older people you'd like axed instead.

Anonymous said...

@Lou Baker - Crofton Park library survived the great depression of the 1930's, therefore why can it not survive the current recession???

Lou Baker said...


Because during the Depression the state didn't provide free health care, or spend almost £200bn on benefits, or have huge rail subsidies to deal with council housing or a whole host of other things it does now.

Almost half of everything we all earn today pays for all this stuff. None of it is free. Your tax bill is, by far, your biggest item of expenditure.

Perhaps you'd like it to be even higher still? That way Lewisham could keep having a dozen libraries - even though it clearly doesn't need that many.

Anonymous said...

it is indeed bizarre that the venue for the meetings aren't the libraries themselves...

bob said...

Off to bed, but my thoughts on the cuts are here.

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