Myatt Garden Summer Fair 2011, June 11th

Myatt Garden Primary School's Summer Fair will be on June 11th 12pm - 3pm. We hope that whoever was responsible for their frozen daiquiris at the last fair we went to is involved again this year, although the Mini Beast theme they've chosen this time lends itself less well to cocktails than last year's strawberry motif.

Attractions will include:

Human Slug Racing

Gooey Lucky Dip

Splat the Bug

The Stocks

A live mini beast demonstration


Pimms and Smoothies

Bug Parade

To get involved or to make a donation to the raffle, email


Anonymous said...

The 'Gooey Lucky Dip' and 'live mini beast demonstration' are both BDS-run events, would you mind putting the BDS logo on the right hand panel of the site?

Kate said...

The PTA came up with some great bug themed cocktail recipies...

Anonymous said...

Splat the Bug! thats not very environmentaly aware. Except spiders, they deserve it.

Tressilliana said...

Spiders eat flies. Spiders are the good guys.

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