Sainsbury's granted planning permission on Lewisham Way

Sainsbury's has been granted planning permission to open a new high-street branch at 33-35 Lewisham Way, opposite Goldsmiths. The decision, which was passed with the casting vote of the Chair, has been met with some local oppposition, including Brockley ward Green Councillor, Darren Johnson, who said:

"I am terribly disappointed that planning permission has been given. It’s a totally unsuitable site for a supermarket. There’s no proper delivery area and it will just mean delivery lorries clogging up the bus lane and causing traffic chaos. Local businesses are also very worried about the impact of another big supermarket chain, understood to be Sainsbury’s, coming to Lewisham Way.”
“Because it is opposite Goldsmiths College I expect they thing they will do well out of student trade. But they could be in for a shock – students may decide to boycott Sainsbury’s in favour of local businesses.”
Similar complaints were made when Tesco opened its Metro store on Lewisham Way in 2007, but so-far, there has not been business displacement.

Last year, Sainsbury's confirmed its interest in opening in Brockley.

Full disclosure: My employer, Edelman, has Sainsbury's as one of its clients.