Introducing the Catford forum

The South East Central forum, our sister site, now features a dedicated section for Catford. The site is now about a month old and hosts nearly 250 different conversations and it was time to make a few tweaks. After putting it to the vote, Catford came out as the area most deserving of its own section. We'll be adding a couple more areas in the coming weeks.


Anonymous said...

Does anything interesting ever happen in Catford???

Ok Lewisham Theatre is there...but apart from their shows...does anything happen?

Michael said...

There's a Fun Day at the ground of AC Paulista, the football club based at Prendergast Playing Fields, at the top of Bellingham Road SE6.
It's from 12noon today, Sunday 27 May. There'll be loads of kids matches and challenges (like hit the crossbar), food and stalls.
AC Paulista under 13's are currently the London Cup holders and the Kent North League champions.

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