Hypermobility fundraiser

Brockley resident and Times journalist Laura Westcott has been raising money to pay for her friend Clara's electric wheelchair by spending a week confined to a wheelchair.

She says:

I've known Clara for eight years and during that time she has been diagnosed with an incurable genetic condition called hypermobility syndrome that attacks collagen in her ligaments. Clara is in constant crippling pain, which makes it hard for her to do simple tasks like cooking or cleaning. With her standard chair, Clara can only manage to push herself a short distance before the pain becomes unbearable. A powered wheelchair will give her the freedom she needs for a better life and a more positive future.

She's now hit her fund-raising target and the additional funds will be going straight to Hypermobility.org

Her experience will shortly be documented in the newspaper, but those of you who've seen her on the streets of Brockley can donate here.