Thank you to the Brockley MAX supporters

On your right hand side, you'll notice a new banner ad for Jam Circus. This is to thank them for their support of this year's Brockley MAX and is Brockley Central's way of helping the cause. The Orchard is another important supporter so you'll be seeing their banner soon too.

So if you like the Brockley MAX, then eat and drink at Jam Circus and The Orchard every day please. And why not buy an extra packet of crisps while you're at the bar? And one more for the road.


Tamsin said...

Given that greater Brockley encompasses Telegraph Hill could you put up banners for the supporters of that Festival? (Perhaps after the Max is over to avoid confusion...)

Brockley Nick said...

You mean the festival that finished over a month ago?

Anonymous said...

Wasn't the Wickham involved before either of those two.

Brockley Nick said...

If you have any questions about the BMAX sponsorship programme, you need to direct them to the MAX organisers, thanks.

osh said...

Good grief. Can I just say well done to the supporters.

Tamsin said...

@ Nick. Yes, but if you are putting up extra exposure for the bodies that support the Brockley Max it would be fair to do something similar for the local sponsors/supporters of the Telegraph Hill Festival. Absolutely agree that it should not be now - but sometime would be nice. Perhaps for a week around the time that you will hopefully have done a thread for the planning meeting for 2012 - which will be a date in late October early November.

Miss said...

Yeah but Telegraph Hill festival is the Max's ugly sister. Does one really want to be associated with it?

Westsider said...

Tamsin by your logic, anyone supporting one charity, ought to support all the charities in the world to an equal extent out of 'fairness'.

Please don't turn every topic in to a discussion about TH.

Tamsin said...

I don't turn quite everything to TH - and certainly wouldn't do so at all if the strap-line across the top of the home page did not declare itself as covering "all things Brockley, Ladywell, St. John's ... and Telegraph Hill".
Two really great, grass-roots, volunteer run and organised Festivals happen within the area claimed by this Blog - and so if the sponsors of one get some (presumably) unanticipated extra exposure on this much visited (noted the milestone - well done) site, it might not be unreasonable to give the sponsors of the other similar coverage in due season. This did not happen during or before the Telegraph Hill Festival (and it would have been presumptuous of anyone to ask for it) so, as this bonus has been given to Brockley Max, it would be nice it could be done for the TH Festival at some other appropriate time.

This is because a result of exposure on this site - which I acknowledge is totally in the discretion of Brockley Nick et al. - would be to make it that much easier to get similar sponsorship in the future. That being so not only the present sponsors but also the organisers/fundraisers for either Festival would be truly grateful.

Brockley Nick said...

@Tamsin - I don't know why you assume it was "unanticipated" it was something we discussed with the organisers months ago to help support the fund raising for the festival.

Maybe your confusion arises because we chose not to discuss it in the comments on a thread about an unrelated topic?

Tamsin said...

I do apologise. It did seem a bit like a spur of the moment thing, though, not least because you've got the material for one sponsor and have promised that banner for the other will follow shortly.

But if it has been thought through from the outset, no quibbles with the promience given to Brockley Max sponsors as they and it are right in the centre of the area and the Max, sharing the moniker, is more closely identified with the blog; nor that you chose not to approach the Telegraph Hill Festival with a similar offer as it has just been chuntering along for 17 years or so on the outskirts and doesn't really connect here (except for my posts because this is so much more lively than

We're at the beginning of its aestivation anyway - no-one wants to worry about anything until at least November!

Brockley Nick said...

@Tamsin - there's one box, two sponsors. Hence the rotation.

Tamsin said...

I misinterpreted the "too" to be "as well as" in space rather than rotating in time.

Must restore brain by cooking some supper.

Moira said...

Tamsin - we approached Brockley Central, not the other way round. You are welcome to borrow our idea though.

Tamsin said...

Thanks, Moira. Never adverse to stealing good ideas - we copied your banners.

Moira said...

The Opening Night on 27 May by Brockley Station line up announced.
4:20 PM Gordonbrock Primary School
4:40 Rain On My Parade (FSOR)
5:10 The Others (FSOR)
5:40 The Strum Pets
6:00 Montage Theatre Arts
6:05 Brand Nu
6:20 The Real Bad Habits
6:40 Paper Fish
7:00 The Flood Liners
7:20 Barra
7:40 Ben & Ben
8:00 Nunhead Choir
8:20 Dune Lake
8:45 Dr Joe Joe
9:10 Cat Knight
9:30 Scaredy Cats
10:00 One Jah

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