Ladywell Cinema campaign

Although the aspiration to create a local cinema foundered when Hither Green Hall was bought by carpet-sellers, the Hither Green cineastes are back, with an even grander plan, to turn Ladywell leisure centre into a moviedrome.

Hither Green Hall steering group are proposing a campaign to turn the Ladywell Leisure Centre site into a cinema complex once the old pool closes in two years time.

We have started an online petition. SIGN NOW

A detailed appraisal of the proposal is available on our website.

A consultation about Lewisham town centre developments including the old pool site is now being carried out by Lewisham Council.

Comments can be made directly to the following department with "L
ewisham Town Centre Area Action Plan Consultation" in the subject line and state that you support a cinema at the Ladywell Leisure Centre site in the message.

The consultation regarding the town center development ends next week so comment now while you can.

The Council is considering turning that site into housing and that would be another missed opportunity for a central cinema complex.

This campaign will run for some time. For it to succeed we need to gather universal support so any help is gratefully appreciated. For now, please forward this to your contact list.

We admire any attempt to enrich Lewisham's cultural landscape, at this end of town, we don't feel particularly cinema-starved. The O2 and Surrey Quays cinemas are within pretty easy reach thanks to the East London Line, Greenwich Cinema is walkable and the Brockley Jack and Deptford Film Clubs do some great programming.

However, undoubtedly, if Lewisham Council wants to fulfill its ambitions to be the best place in London to live, then it needs to provide a greater range of local leisure options than it does at present.

Responding to the campaigners on the Southeastcentral forum, Cllr Mike Harris described it as "a really interesting concept" and has offered to investigate it with officers.