Ladywell Cinema campaign

Although the aspiration to create a local cinema foundered when Hither Green Hall was bought by carpet-sellers, the Hither Green cineastes are back, with an even grander plan, to turn Ladywell leisure centre into a moviedrome.

Hither Green Hall steering group are proposing a campaign to turn the Ladywell Leisure Centre site into a cinema complex once the old pool closes in two years time.

We have started an online petition. SIGN NOW

A detailed appraisal of the proposal is available on our website.

A consultation about Lewisham town centre developments including the old pool site is now being carried out by Lewisham Council.

Comments can be made directly to the following department with "L
ewisham Town Centre Area Action Plan Consultation" in the subject line and state that you support a cinema at the Ladywell Leisure Centre site in the message.

The consultation regarding the town center development ends next week so comment now while you can.

The Council is considering turning that site into housing and that would be another missed opportunity for a central cinema complex.

This campaign will run for some time. For it to succeed we need to gather universal support so any help is gratefully appreciated. For now, please forward this to your contact list.

We admire any attempt to enrich Lewisham's cultural landscape, at this end of town, we don't feel particularly cinema-starved. The O2 and Surrey Quays cinemas are within pretty easy reach thanks to the East London Line, Greenwich Cinema is walkable and the Brockley Jack and Deptford Film Clubs do some great programming.

However, undoubtedly, if Lewisham Council wants to fulfill its ambitions to be the best place in London to live, then it needs to provide a greater range of local leisure options than it does at present.

Responding to the campaigners on the Southeastcentral forum, Cllr Mike Harris described it as "a really interesting concept" and has offered to investigate it with officers.


Rosie said...

Is the Ladywell leisurecentre definitely a goner, then?

Brockley Nick said...

Pretty much, yes. Once the Loampit Vale leisure centre opens. It would be nice to think that they would keep it open for at least a year after Loampit Vale's completion, to see how packed the new pool becomes.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't they going to build a school on that site.

max said...

Twice enquired about the plans for the site officers have said "probably housing".

Mary Louise Evans said...

Whats happening to the building on Hither Green Lane the kidz corner/old cinema ?

Mary Louise Evans said...

oops just noticed the thread re the carpet sellers, sorry

Anonymous said...

Didnt Ripleys the snooker hall used to be a cinema?

How about a a swap?

max said...

No actually (link ).

Anonymous said...

Its still a snooker hall above,below used to be Burtons mens outfitters.

Cllr Mike Harris said...

I passed on Max's very interesting submission directly to Officers and have asked for feedback.

Would be really useful if local residents also responded to the consultation (available online) if they favour this idea.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, not convinced by multiplexes, moviedromes, call them what you will. If it was going to be a Picturehouse such as Greenwich has then maybe that could work. However, couldn't they convert the Old Ladywell Baths into an arts centre come cinema instead? Nicer building, more low-key, more in suiting with the area? It would be great for it to be brought back into use, it's too beautiful to be languishing away as it currently is.

max said...

@ Anon 15:19.
The Picturehouse in Greenwhich is a multiplex cinema, it has 4 screens.

Yes, the Ladywell Playtower is a wonderful building and should be brought back into use. There is in fact a project to do so involving 4 different groups coming together to refurbish it and base their activities there.

Still, the current Ladywell Pool site has some major advantages. A large number of buses stop there, it's on a main road, it has a car park, it'll be a clean slate sort of site so cheaper to build and giving much more flexibility for what you can do with it.
You can easily fit a medium size cinema and lots more alongside.

@ Cllr Mike Harris

Anonymous said...

Lewisham Council = Flats, flats and more flats. Nowt else likely to be on that site, no matter how many sign the petition.

Robert said...

Is the school option for the Ladywell Baths site now completely dead in the water? If so, then why? The mayor made so much fuss about this. I was rather hoping it might still be on the cards, perhaps even retaining the existing large pool as a Lewisham Schools/Community facility. Anyone know the lowdown?

Anonymous said...

The Mayor took a number of wrong decisions.

Despite telling the public they were putting the entire BSF funding in jepoardy, but it was his own choice of temporary site that put the funding at risk.

After the 2006 election the Mayor did a U-turn and decided the new secondary school should be at Lewisham Bridge, where it is currently being built.

Anonymous said...

The cupboard is bare. As a council tax payer I would expect the local authority to get the full commercial value for this site.

max said...

I'm a tax payer too and I would expect the Council to be more articulated that that when deciding what to do with important chunks of the high street.

Anonymous said...

I can't see how the purchase of this site is viable if your campaign couldn't raise funds for a relatively cheap site, albeit a smaller one in an unattractive location. If UCI or Odeon think there is a business opportunity here, I can't see the council standing in their way. But I don't think in these days that we can really justify giving what are in effect multi-million pound subidies to entertainment businesses.

As has been pointed out elsewhere this area is well served by cinemas, within relatively easy reach by public transport. So in effect we would be providing public subsidy to stop people making a mildly inconvenient journey. Given the young disproportionally go to the cinema, this subsidy would be mostly going to those who will find travelling easiest.

Given the growing need for school places in the borough, I can see the case for a school trumping other uses, if commercial disposal is off the table.

max said...

What a load of nonsense.

First, this site is owned by the Council and they don't need to raise any funds to invove cinema operators.

Second, they aren't planning to build a school there but flats.

Third, the convoluted argument that because buses pass by there you(!?) would be subsidizing people to avoid them the inconvenience to go to the cinema elsewhere is just too absurd to be allowed to pass by without being mocked for the preposterous nonsense on stilts it is.

Fourth, a cinema is a commercial operation that pays its ways and enhance quality of life and the value of its surrounding. It also acts as a catalyst for an area attracting crowds and improving trade around it and making an area livelier and safer.

In short it is a highly desirable thing to have.

For this reasons I think that asking the Council to engage with cinema operators and explore the option for this site is right and proper and well worth doing.

Anonymous said...

So you are suggesting the council just give the site to a cinema operator?

You really are missing the bigger picture here.

max said...

Thanks for your "wisdom" but I suggest you change the batteries to your y-fronts, your thinking is escaping logic.
Where have I suggested this?

Anonymous said...

any news about the outcome of what the site will be used for?

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