The Ravensbourne Arms

Reader Andrew has put us - and the rest of you - to shame by taking matters in to his own hands and writing a review of the Ravensbourne Arms, an Antic pub on the Ladywell / Lewisham borders, which opened on Monday.

Here's his review, if you've been, please tell us what you think:

Having been keeping an eye on progress over the last few months I was looking forward to seeing what had been done and the improvements to create the so-called 'proper pub'!

With a very strong smell of paint and refurbishment, first the good news: arriving at 5.30 there was already a busy mix of people indoors and filling the outdoor tables on the street, enjoying the afternoon sun. Gone are the sport tv's and old man pub feel of the old coach and horses.

The back garden and kitchen are yet to be opened, but expected in the next few weeks. Signing up to the newsletter at will keep you up-to-date with developments.

The general manager, Lorena, working behind the bar, had done a great job getting the pub opened on time. Having walked past 2 weeks ago it was full of workmen with electrical wire everywhere and looked nowhere near opening. There was a good amount of staff ensuring you got served pretty quickly and there were no opening night issues apparent as experienced with the Talbot.

£3.75 for a pint of Grolsh is on par with The Jolly Farmer across the road and prices at the Ladywell Tavern, however still bested by the Fox and Firkin at £3.15.

The Ravensboune Arms warrants a revisit when the kitchen and rear garden are opened and the redecoration smell has dissipated. The south side of the pub has been noticeably redecorated however it still looks and feels unfinished. Music Speakers are still under wrap, the furniture is obviously recycled and toilets have been refreshed as opposed to replaced with new facilities. The finish is not to the standard of the recently re-opened Crown pub in Blackheath which had a similar decor to the old coach and horses.

An effort has been to provide to provide a country pub style feel, however it appears to be still a work in progress. There are very strange mini deer head skulls and shields on the walls which don't seem to suit, along with an odd balustraded area that serves no purpose other than possibly to leave very young children in, if only it had some toys!

Overall the conclusion is an improvement on the coach and horses, however I don't think Ladywell Tavern, Jolly Farmers, Fox and Firkin or the Talbot need to worry too much yet. A good addition for a local pub crawl which has potential with continued investment and a decent finish.