Dame Sybil Phoenix documentary, tonight 8pm

Dame Sybil Pheonix
As part of this year's Brockley MAX, the Brockley Social Club will stage a screening of 'Loving Hands', a film about the life and work of Brockley resident Dame Sybil Phoenix. The screening will include a Q&A with director Lucia Tambini. The event is free and the Social Club bar will be open.

Lucia explains the important part Pheonix has played in Lewisham's post-War history:
"Sybil Phoenix, through her unwavering faith in others, dedication and activism has managed to transform thousands of lives for the better. As a foster mother, founder of Britains first black youth club and through her work on community relations over the past fifty years Sybil has had a lasting impact in Lewisham and beyond."

For more information about the Brockley MAX, click here.


RosieH said...

Pheonix - should read Phoenix

Brockley Nick said...

A rare occasion when I got there first.

Tyrwhitt Michael said...

Shame you didn't correct all of them ;-)

Brockley Nick said...


ickn said...

She's a Dame now? Wow, last time I heard it was an MBE. Just shows when you give, you get back.

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