Dunwoody – Brockley’s greatest hero

I will wait here with my hand on my heart
With my head bowed low, my eyes start to smart
Dunwoody thanks for making it home
We’re glad it’s to Brockley you decided to roam
- From "Dunwoody Done Roaming?" by Desmond Keats

Kate Bush, Shaun Wright-Phillips, Tarka the Otter – when the history of Brockley is written, they will be mere footnotes compared to the legend of Dunwoody, the explorer who vanished from SE4 years ago, promising to return one June 4th. Adventurer, naturalist, gentleman. Dunwoody is all these things and more. He was the reason Brockley Central moved here and the reason we remain; ever-hopeful that one-day he will return.

You can now download and print an explorer’s diary from this website, which tells you more about Dunwoody and the profound impact he has had on Brockley’s history. The diary will help you find clues about Dunwoody’s exploits and also help you track an explosion in the local badger population, which some believe is related to his disappearance.

The search is actually an elaborate theatre production, created by local theatre artist Barra Collins and partner, Andy Franzkowiak who came together to form the LAStheatre Company. Having worked with leading companies such as Shunt, the Old Vic and Punch Drunk, they decided that they wanted to create their own production to celebrate the community spirit of Brockley.

The result is part treasure hunt, part festival and part local history tour, which retro-fits Dunwoody in to local history in the same way that Marvel did for the Sentry’s place in their universe.

The treasure hunt route stretches from Brockley Cross to the Brockley Jack, encompassing landmarks such as Brockley and Ladywell Cemetery and the Brockley Social Club and participating local businesses, from Sounds Around, Bohemia Hair, Degustation and Rosie to the Brockley Jack, Toads Mouth, Jam Circus and Tickle Me, where treasure hunters will be able to spot Dunwoody-branded products and menu items.

The search will end with a 3.30pm Parade from Adelaide Avenue to Hilly Fields, after which one young adventurer will be crowned Master Explorer 2011. On the day, characters from Dunwoody lore will appear around town and – we hope – Dunwoody may even return.

Barra explains:

It will be an immersive experience. We wanted the story to be built around Brockley, to help people learn about their area and discover adventure in the familiar. We’ve tried to create something fun from the banality of everyday life.

The whole treasure hunt can be completed in a few hours at a leisurely pace. Ideally, families will do it over the course of the half-term week and come along to the final event on June 4th.

Click here for more details about the Brockley MAX programme.